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Medical Services

Blue Coast Shipping

The health and wellbeing of a workforce is critical to the success of every organization. Which is why we are proud to provide some of the best healthcare services available in the region. 

Blue Coast Shipping Services Company can provide your crew 24 hours Comprehensive Medical Services as follow:

  • • Emergency Patient Attendance In-port and Anchorage
  • • Specialist Internist Clinic
  • • Dental Clinic
  • • Medical laboratory
  • • Radiology (X-ray and Ultrasound)
  • • Drug and Alcohol testing Services (Breath analysis with Blood and Urine sampling)
  • • Vaccinations (Yellow fever, Cholera, Other marine required vaccinations etc.,)
  • • Medical Fitness Certifications for Workers & Seafarers
  • • 24hr Ambulance services