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Blue Coast Shipping


1.1 General

  • • No unethical conduct, criminal acts and improper conducts or similar will be tolerated by the company.
  • • Always carry authorized photographic identification with you.
  • • All jobs must complete as required by the company work procedures in safely manner.
  • • Contingency plans must be in place to cover emergencies.
  • • Under any circumstances, all employees should not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol while on duty.
  • • All vessel operational matter should be treated strictly confidential and not to be shared with any third party.


1.2 Port & Ship

  • • Kindly ensure strict adherence to port safety rules compliance.
  • • Also ensure all safety requirements are being followed as required by the serviced vessel.
  • • Pay attention to signs, permits and notices in your working environment.
  • • Kindly refrain from entering restricted areas inside port as well as onboard ship.
  • • Do not enter a confined space unless a permit has been granted and you have permission.
  • • Please cooperate with all search requirements as may be required in compliance with ISPS code.
  • • Always keep security pass issued by the port/vessel with you.


As a MINIMUM the following PPE (personal protective equipment) must be worn at all times :

  • • Hard Hat
  • • Safety Boots
  • • Safety Glasses
  • • Additional PPE must be worn if required for the delivery of the requested service.
  • • Comply with safety requirements of vessel when visiting.
  • • Smoking is permitted only in designated areas.
  • • Please report any unsafe work practice to the appropriate authorities.
  • • When visiting Vessel or Port, No Usage of Mobile Phones, Camera, Walkie Talkie unless they are tested for Intrinsically safe usage and to be used in Designated areas.


2. Transportation

  • • All vehicles used for moving personnel, stores or equipment, must meet local driving standards.
  • • All vehicle drivers must hold valid driving permits and ensure good driving behaviors.
  • • Driver must wear uniform when on duty.
  • • Using mobile phones while driving is strictly forbidden.
  • • Launches used for crew or personal transfers and the movement of goods and stores, either contracted or owned, should meet all applicable local, national and international legislation.
  • • Launches must be fit for purpose, maintained in good condition and safely operated by competent crew members at all times.
  • • The launch vessel should possess all valid certificates as required by the local authority.
  • • Kindly ensure that all persons on board launches are wearing lifejackets and hard hats at all times.
  • • All drivers to be strictly monitored for driving habits and behavior.
  • • All drivers to be adequately trained to understand the requirements of the shipping industry.
  • • All vehicles to be maintained as per manufactures recommendation.
  • • All vehicles to be frequently inspected for cleanliness and overall condition.
  • • No mobile phone to be used while driving.
  • • Safety to be accorded priority at all times.
  • • Anybody using own vehicle to attend to any vessel shall ensure that all above standards are applied to his vehicle as well.


3. Environment

  • • Please adhere to all environmental responsibilities in office, and when visiting port as well as vessel.
  • • All garbage must be thrown in the designated garbage bins.
  • • Immediately clean up spilt materials if any.
  • • While working in office, least paper print must be used- as far as possible. It does not only will save papers but also save energy and cartridges.
  • • All electronics devices must be turned off when not in use.
  • • Always arrange certified third party vendors if requested by the vessel for disposal services (garbage, sewage, grey water, sludge, slops etc).


4. Ethical Policies

  • Blue Coast Shipping Services Company will ensure compliance with all laws, regulations, decrees or government orders which are applicable to our business.
  • Blue Coast Shipping Services Company shall ensure that none of its employees and agents shall, give or receive gifts, payments, loans, gratuities or any other inducement, for any purpose whatsoever from any person, firm, corporation, governmental or quasi-governmental body, or other body in connection with the performance of duties as Port Agent.
  • Blue Coast Shipping Services Company shall ensure that none of its employees, representatives, agents or subcontractors to, engage in any activities that might reasonably be considered to be contrary or detrimental to the interests of its Principals.